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November 6, 2012
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SplashKittyArtist Journal Doll by britishweinerdog SplashKittyArtist Journal Doll by britishweinerdog
I am making these if anyone wants one.
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This is very cute indeed! I think Splashy will love it. I just have to say some mistakes you made and some opinions about it. I'm not saying you have to change it at all. 1. The eyes need to be a lil' closer together. 2. Where is the other back leg? 3. The ears need to be a little bit more pointy. That's all I have to say. Again, you don't have to change it or anything. It's just my opinion. Many will have others. Anywho...I just adore you're style! You are very talented. I really like it. Very good!
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So here's my input on your drawing here. I'll start off by saying good job on getting the design right. Splash's design really complicated and people mess up on it all the time.
Some things you probably should change aesthetically is the transparency. Journal Dolls are meant to be transparent so they don't obscure the journal's background. It takes a lot of appeal away from the Journal Dolls when it isn't transparent. A website I use to make Journal Dolls transparent is [link] . VERY good website, you can even animate your Journal Dolls there!
You also probably should not save your picture as a JPG. It ruins the quality. From now on you should probably save your art as PNG.
Your anatomy needs MUCH work. Splash is missing a leg, and if it isn't you forgot to color it. It's arms are very disfigured and have no structure. The tail also seems to be connected to the cat's leg. Anatomy is very important. It wouldn't be very appealing if you draw a fox and it looks like a mutant for example. It's a pain to learn but trust me it IS worth it. I'm not the best person for explaining this kind of stuff. Try looking for people who do "Redlines" (They draw over your art with a red pen with an anatomically correct version of your picture). That helps a LOT. Sadly, I can't do redlines myself. ;n;

As for the ratings, don't let them bring you down. I'm sure you can be a great artist someday if you practice real hard and listen closely to criticism! I'll be glad to help you, but I will admit I am still a learning artist myself DX I'm probably not the best person for these kinds of things.
And remember, No one is a perfect artist and there is always room for improvement! Hope this is a helpful critique! ;)
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catsanddogsrule13 Nov 8, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
awww <3 i use to watch splashkittyartists youtube videos! :D

this is soo adorable X3
britishweinerdog Nov 10, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thanks ^^
catsanddogsrule13 Nov 10, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
your welcome X3
SplashKittyArtist Nov 7, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Aww, it's so cute! :heart: Thank you :D
britishweinerdog Nov 10, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Your welcome!
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